Maquipucuna is an Ecuadorian non-profit organization founded in 1987 and legally established in Ecuador in April 13, 1988.

What We Value
Our Goal






is to become a thriving carbon neutral business that has a positive impact on the conservation of the rainforest; hence it's in harmony with nature, supported by education, scientific research, nature reserve management and community development.

Our Mission

We strive for a new sustainable form of capitalism in a knowledge-based society. We don't believe in political dichotomies and instead embrace modern society's complexity and the advancement of technology. We accept that people are multifaceted beings who need a means to support themselves, health, and strong community connections. Growing only wealth or accumulating material possessions do not necessarily equate to happiness. People thrive and are happier in clean, just, trustful, loving and safe environments. Therefore, sustainable capitalism will exist when businesses can be free and prosperous when behaving in a responsible manner with people and the environment. We are working towards adhering to a circular economy model.


To accomplish this we must involve a long-term strategy that honors the four complex relations between

  1. nature (our natural capital)

  2. people (human capital)

  3. society and institutions (social capital) and

  4. money and markets (financial capital).


In traditional capitalism there is one bottom line –profit, which is often achieved at the expense of the well-being of people and nature. These negative consequences of traditional capitalism, referred to by economists as externalities, need to be pondered upon and internalized.  Our mission is to find formulas that enable the creation of financial wealth hand in hand with the growth of social and human capitals and by valuing and protecting the biodiversity in our fragile ecosystems. We strive for knowledge, freedom, responsibility and a strong social and environmental ethos within our community.

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Red de Reservas Privadas del Ecuador


(Corporación Ecuatoriana de Defensa del Ambiente)


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