The Choco Andean Corridor is located in northwest Ecuador, just south of the Colombian border.  The Choco Andean Corridor envisioned as a matrix of land uses that harmonizes conservation and regenerative human production, is a conservation strategy focused on the ecological connections through an altitudinal gradient from sea level to almost 5,000 meters above sea level (16,500 ft).

The Choco Andean region of northwest Ecuador has been recognized as a global conservation priority by virtually all the prioritization schemes of international organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund, Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy, Birdlife International, The World Bank

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Red de Reservas Privadas del Ecuador, CEDENMA (Corporación Ecuatoriana de Defensa del Ambiente), Mancomunidad del Chocó Andino, Corredor Ecológico del Oso Andino

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