How to Get Here 

What to Bring

Maquipucuna has a shuttle that will bring you from the major hotels in Quito, or the airport to Maquipucuna for a nominal additional fee. We suggest arranging a shuttle with us, however you are welcome to hire your own transportation or take public transportation. The following document has all of the info you need to get here! 

Maquipucuna is in the heart of the Andean Cloud Forest. You should expect it to rain in the afternoons every day. Maquipucuna provides rubber boots for hiking and walking sticks. The following document contains a checklist of essentials you should pack. 

Map-How to get to Maquipucuna.jpg



Whatsapp / Celular


+593 99 421 8033


LUN - VIE 08:00 - 17:00 (GMT -5)


SOLO Para emergencias 24/7

+593 99 421 7880


Red de Reservas Privadas del Ecuador, CEDENMA (Corporación Ecuatoriana de Defensa del Ambiente), Mancomunidad del Chocó Andino, Corredor Ecológico del Oso Andino

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