Our ecolodge is built with local bamboo in accordance with its natural surroundings by the Umachaca River, creating an even more beautiful, relaxing back-to-nature experience.

The ecolodge offers different types of accommodations and camping, all of which have running spring water and hot showers. Relax in the warm breeze and be swept away by the exuberant scenery.

Below are their descriptions to help you decide which you would prefer.




This luxurious cabin overlooks the crystalline Umachaca River and is a minute walk from the main ecolodge. Two independent and spacious king suites feature their own private bathroom and balcony and comfortable furniture for relaxing. 



This classic cabin, located 4 minutes from the main ecolodge, gives families or small groups of friends a little more privacy. It can comfortably sleep up to 6 guests and offers two private bathrooms​, a living room, loft, kitchenette, and a large balcony with hammocks with an incredible view of the cloud forest.



Our classic suites with amazing views of the forest are perfect for couples, small families and small groups of friends. Each room has private access, one or two 

matrimonial beds, a private bathroom, and a private balcony with its own hammock. This house is located adjacent to the Umachaca House by a covered bridge.



Our original Umachaca House is ideal for nature lovers, larger families, or groups* of friends in the same quarantine bubble. It sleeps up to 14 guests in 4 separate rooms (double, triple or quadruple), each with its own private bathroom. It has a large open-air living room with hammocks, comfortable seating, and a spectacular view of our bird feeders.



This is a perfect house for volunteers, researchers, and campers* seeking extra comfort. Its private rooms share bathrooms with hot showers. Adjacent to the campsite, it's only a 5 min walk from the ecolodge. Enjoy the tranquility and serenity of the forest view from its beautiful open-air living room featuring plants, hanging chairs, and a hammock.

Bring a tent to experience an even closer encounter with nature. Fully equipped with composting toilets, sinks, counter spaces, tables, a fire pit, grill, room temp showers (with the option for hot ones), and electricity, our site is great for veterans and newbies alike. Cook your own food or eat at our restaurant (reservation required).



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Red de Reservas Privadas del Ecuador, CEDENMA (Corporación Ecuatoriana de Defensa del Ambiente), Mancomunidad del Chocó Andino, Corredor Ecológico del Oso Andino

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