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Due to this crisis brought on by Covid-19, Maquipucuna has seen at 90% loss in income over the last few months which represents a huge loss for the neighboring communities.

Maquipucuna has lifted up local communities by providing income through ecotourism. Our work also led to the creation of the community run ecotourism operations in the Yunguilla, Santa Lucia, and Playa de Oro communities, which attract thousands of tourists each year.

Maquipucuna directly employs 14 families in the nearby town of Santa Marianita but has impacted over 1,000 families in the last 32 years. As a non-profit, our ecolodges' revenue is directly funneled into research, conservation, environmental education and community development—of which over 50% is kept within Santa Marianita town itself.

In addition to economic difficulties due to lack of tourism, the reserve and surrounding forests have seen an upsurge in threats such as poaching, land trafficking, logging, and even mining.

 At the bottom of our pockets we struggle to find support for our team and our conservation efforts.. We know that one day tourists will come back but until then we have brainstormed to try and find a way to support the reserve, our team and their families, as well as members of the local community--many of whom also make their living through the bustle and flow of tourists.

From this Sustainability Redefined was born.


Please consider making a donation to our EMERGENCY RELIEF FUND


As of October 2020 we have raised $15,000 towards our goal of $60,000. We are so thankful to our generous donors for their support.


We understand that many are interested in donating towards other projects such as education, land development, and other worthy causes that Maquipucuna has supported over the years. At this time, and after assesing the needs of Maquipucuna in order to be able to run such projects, our sights are focused on  our current project.


If you are interested in making a donation please visit:



or to make a direct donation we accept transfer to the FUNDACION MAQUIPUCUNA account 



Fundación Maquipucuna


Banco Produbanco


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