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Musings from Maquipucuna

"Musings from Maquipucuna" is short video series highlighting things you can see in and around Maquipucuna! Everything from our insects, plants, and pieces of our culture!

What are you waiting for! See a taste of what's here and then come visit it for yourself! 

Tarantula HAwk 

Tarantula Hawk

Tarantula hawks are wasps that sting tarantulas to paralyze them then lay their eggs on the tarantula once it's stashed in a burrow. 

Butterflies Puddling

​We have tons of butterflies in Maqui! Learn about this behavior you're guaranteed to see! 


Before you have chocolate it starts off in this big yellow pod.


Learn about this plant that has its "roots" throughout history! 

Stinky Swallowtails

When looking like bird poop isn't enough, this caterpillar has another trick up its sleeve!

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